Want To Live in One of HGTV’s ‘Rock the Block’ Houses? This One Is Still for Sale!

Tiffany Brooks and David Bromstad’s house from Season 2 of HGTV’s “Rock the Block” is on the market. Take a look inside this Georgia peach!

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On Season 2 of HGTV’s “Rock the Block,” David Bromstad of “My Lottery Dream Home” and Tiffany Brooks of “50K Three Ways” teamed up to design a Georgia peach of a home.

The duo surprised and delighted the judges with their chic and daring designs and won the show’s living space challenge, wowing the judges with their stunning living room turned mother-in-law suite.

However, their home didn’t end up winning the competition. With its oodles of bold colors and a healthy helping of patterned wallpaper, the judges felt the house was just a little too unique.

Perhaps the judges were right? The finished product in Dallas, GA, is the last of the quartet of “Rock the Block” homes still on the market. Listed for $635,000 in early March, this massive six-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,120-square-foot residence will eventually rock someone’s world.

The kitchen is beautiful

Bromstad and Brooks created a gorgeous kitchen with an island, backsplash tile that goes all the way to the ceiling, and three windows with views of the backyard.

Even so, the most memorable feature of the kitchen has to be the colorful cabinets.

“I don’t think that, with the kitchen cabinets, we should do blues, whites, or grays,” Brooks said when planning out the kitchen design. “That’s played out.”

They opted for a shade of ocean green that’s unique without being over the top. It’s a perfect accent for this sophisticated kitchen.

The bold green cabinets make this kitchen stand out.


It has a main floor en suite

This house originally had a first-floor bonus room, which could have been put into use as an office or sitting room. However, Bromstad and Brooks seized the opportunity to turn the space into a beautiful bedroom with an en suite bathroom.

Of course, their new mother-in-law suite came with some serious layout changes. They had to switch up the entryway to the bathroom and close up the bonus room wall.

“Doing the mother-in-law suite, hands-down, is going to be our biggest cost for this week’s challenge,” Brooks said. “But to me, it is a no-brainer to add a full bedroom and a full bath.”

In the end, the cost was worth it, because this update definitely adds value. It brings the bedroom count in the home up to six and makes beautiful use of a previously undefined bonus space.

Turning a second living room into a en suite bedroom was a great choice.


The master suite is elegant

Bromstad and Brooks upgraded the master bedroom with faux beams on the ceiling, a statement chandelier over the bed, and boldly patterned wallpaper behind the headrest.

It’s a unique space with plenty of character, but they saved their true show-stopper for the master bathroom.

With this wallpaper, this bedroom is bold!


Bromstad and Brooks played it safer with their color choice in the master bathroom, trading in their rich color palette for simple black-and-white.

“The higher the contrast that you have, like blacks and whites,” Bromstad explained, “the more elegant the space is going to be. It’s like a tuxedo.”

The remodeled bathroom gives off opulent vibes. It’s nothing like the whimsical look in the rest of the house, which helps set the room apart as an oasis.

This black-and-white master bathroom is super chic.


The basement is a lovely blush.


The blush basement should appeal to millennials

With a house full of bold designs, it’s no wonder Bromstad and Brooks decided to go big in the basement.

“I am dying to make this entire basement blush,” Bromstad said. “It’s elegant, and we kind of combine that with gold. It’ll be so cool.”

The duo did up the basement bonus space in a single color. They gave the wet bar blush cabinets, painted the pingpong table blush, and even used pink pillows on the couch in front of the projector.

If you’ve ever proudly toted a rose-gold iPhone, this is the room for you!

While it’s clear that this house isn’t for everyone, each room is a work of art. And with great features like a main-floor en suite and a beautiful basement game room, this house is likely to locate a willing buyer soon.

Anita Corsini of Fathom Realty has the listing.

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