The Property Brothers Reveal a Beloved Upgrade That Could Drive You Nuts

On the latest “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” Drew and Jonathan Scott meet clients who refuse to cave to one of the most popular upgrades of all.

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Drew and Jonathan Scott know which renovation trends are really popular, and which ones aren’t worth the hype. And on the latest “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they’re pleased to meet clients who refuse to cave to one of the trendiest upgrades of all.

In the Season 5 episode “First Home to Forever Home,” the brothers meet A’amna and Ibrahim, who have recently married and bought a house in Los Angeles. They may have moved into this house thinking it would be a starter home, but they’ve since decided to make it their forever home.

However, they want to make a few changes before really settling in, and have a renovation budget of $140,000 to make it happen. Here’s how the Scott brothers renovate this place, which contains plenty of lessons that might inspire some changes around your own abode, too.

Make your fireplace a colorful focal point

Before: The mirrored wall is dated.


One of the strangest style features in A’amna and Ibrahim’s house is the mirrored wall around the fireplace. The brothers remove the mirrors and update the fireplace with blue Spanish tile and a distressed dark wood mantel.

Linda Phan Scott
Linda Phan Scott burns initials into the wood mantel.


To finish the fireplace, Jonathan has Drew’s wife, Linda Phan Scott, burn Ibrahim and A’amna’s initials (inside a heart) on the underside of the mantel. This hidden romantic touch will no doubt make evenings spent fireside a little bit sweeter.

“We have created this beautiful custom mantel for Ibrahim and A’amna,” Jonathan says. “They’re the cutest couple, and I wanted to do something kind of special.”

This fireplace tile looks great, and the mantel pulls the look together.


Bold tile in the entry makes a great first impression

entry tile
This tile worked well on the fireplace, and it looks even better in the entry.


The Spanish tile turns out looking so nice around the fireplace, the Scotts decide to use it in the entryway as well.

“The biggest thing that Ibrahim and A’amna said is their house needs to have personality,” Drew says, so a bold tile is the perfect way to welcome people into the home.

The tile costs an extra $1,800, but the brothers know this detail will make a big impact.

“That’s your first impression,” Jonathan points out.

Close up the stairs for a more formal look

These railings weren’t working for these homeowners.


New tile isn’t the only change the brothers make to the foyer. When Ibrahim and A’amna bought this house, the stairwell had open railings, which they didn’t like. The couple plan to start a family, and they want to make sure the stairs are safe for little ones. So they ask the brothers to close off the stairs.

This staircase feels much more formal.


While closing off a space goes against the modern trend of opening everything up, this more formal layout looks great, too—and the owners love it.

“The entry is now defined, and the new stairs look amazing,” Jonathan says.

An open floor plan is trendy, but could drive you nuts

kitchen wall
This kitchen wall certainly separates the spaces.


Another problem with open layouts: The noise and lack of privacy can drive homeowners nuts. Ibrahim and A’amna think that taking down the entire wall between the kitchen and living room may be too much, so they ask that only part of the wall be removed, and the Scott brothers agree.

“Keeping a section of wall, I think, is the right decision for them because they don’t need a completely open concept,” Jonathan says. “But we had to at least give them a little more wiggle room in there.”

The couple may be different from their typical clients, but Jonathan and Drew are happy to personalize the space.

kitchen wall
This smaller kitchen wall provides better sightlines.


“Everyone’s different,” Drew says. “Not everybody wants a fully open concept from the front door through to the kitchen, and I actually love that.”

Add color to kitchen cabinets

These blue cabinets are unique and beautiful.


Behind this wall, the Scott brothers redo the kitchen with lots of function and personality. Ibrahim and A’amna love blue, so the brothers decide to install light blue cabinets.

“It seems like it might be a bit too bold for a lot of kitchens, but it looks gorgeous in here,” Drew says.

The post The Property Brothers Reveal a Beloved Upgrade That Could Drive You Nuts appeared first on Real Estate News & Insights |®.