Crave a Canopy Bed? Modern Spins on This Dramatic Style

Want to try a canopy bed? Here’s how to size it right and pick the most appropriate style for each bedroom, including for the kids and guests.

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A canopy bed sounds like a lavish piece of  furniture that you’d encounter in an old country inn while away on a romantic weekend. But why not bring this dreamy style home?

“It’s a true luxury to wake up in a fabulous four-post canopy bed, which is my go-to choice when designing a master bedroom,” explains Roxy Te, CEO and founder of Society Social. “It’s the perfect focal point for a larger space.”

Adding a canopy bed to any room can make it feel like a special retreat. And when you add sweeping drapes on each side? Swoon!

Canopies are also an ideal way to create a themed look for your kid’s room—and get your tot excited to go to sleep.

“A kid’s canopy is practically a must because getting them to sleep is hard enough, but if you create this special bed, tucking in becomes that much more fun,” adds Te.

But picking the right canopy bed, and size, should be done with care. Here’s some help with styles and scale to home in on the right choice. Sweet dreams!

What size canopy bed will fit in the room?

Have 10-foot ceilings? You’re good to go with a canopy in your bedroom. For the rest of us, scale matters, so get out your measuring tape and make sure your pick will fit with at least 3 or 4 inches of clearance to the ceiling.

“Make sure to take into account light fixtures, ceiling fans, and windows in the space to avoid any issues with installation,” advises Dessie Sliekers, an interior designer with Slick Designs.

Keep in mind that chunky posts with heavy fabric will loom large in a small bedroom, so stick with slender poles and sheer (or no) panels if you have less space.

Photo by JS Interiors LLC 

What style canopy bed works best?

Canopy beds don’t need to be a flurry of ruffles and tassels. Instead, choose chic lines like the style below ($1,399, West Elm), and then leave it bare or add simple linen panels.

“Skip decorative drapes if you favor an unfussy design or you’ve chosen a particularly striking four-poster canopy bed that shines on its own,” points out Te.

Opt for an acorn finish or pebble gray.

West Elm

That said, if you crave some fancier trimmings, that’s definitely on trend.

“Canopy designs are ready for the rise of the ‘grandmillennial‘ style,” says Te, who urges homeowners who love the look to bring on some tape trim, a small ruffle, or chintz to complete the look.

A pale pink tufted-velvet headboard and footboard on this canopy option below ($1,191, Wayfair) will cradle bed-readers and sleepers alike.

Matte black steel is an excellent foil for pink velvet.


Modern farmhouse lovers will be thrilled to learn that canopies work for this style, too.

“Canopy beds are typically a more formal, ornate style of bed, but recently they’ve gained popularity in a variety of styles, including modern farmhouse, which tends to feature a simpler version,” says Sliekers.

One to try: This Shaker-style comes in four subtle, neutral finishes ($1,699, Pottery Barn).

You can remove the canopy top if you tire of the look or move to a small bedroom.

Pottery Barn

Not sure you love the usual four-poster style of bed? Try a barrel-vaulted option in a guest or kid’s room. This one below ($1,299, Crate & Kids) comes in twin and full sizes. You can experiment with the full canopy style by cascading the fabric of your choice from above.

Upgrade your tween’s room with this lofty design.


For kids, go beyond fairy princess looks

Not every kid’s canopy bed has to channel Barbie or Bob the Builder. Let go of these tired cartoony looks and pick something better. One to try: This simple twin bed ($390, Wayfair) with an arched rooftop looks playful but not cutesy.

Want to save some cash? You don’t need to invest in a four-poster twin bed, notes Te, since you can simply curtain off a regular bed or craft a cornice to hold fabric to hang from a wall or ceiling.

White and gray shades suit both boys and girls.


The post Crave a Canopy Bed? Modern Spins on This Dramatic Style appeared first on Real Estate News & Insights |®.