5 Home Trends the Property Brothers Have Ditched—and What They Do Instead Today

“Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scoot have changed their home decor style over the years. Here are some trends they’ve replaced.

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“Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott have certainly found a winning formula for renovating homes. Yet in the 10 years they’ve been showing off their makeovers, one thing is clear to anyone with a keen eye: Their styles have evolved with the times.

Curious about the home trends they’ve thrown to the wayside, and what new ideas have taken their place? Here’s a look back at some of their old styles and how they’ve innovated since then, so you know what could be in—and out—for your own abode.

1. The Property Brothers’ old style: Matching counters and cabinets

Jonathan and Drew Scott used brown counters in their own kitchen in the “Property Brothers at Home” Season 1 episode “The Main House.”


The new: Two-tone counters and cabinets

This two-tone kitchen is from the  “Property Brothers: Forever Home” Season 3 episode “New Hub of the Neighborhood.”


Back in the day, cabinets were always one color. In fact, in the first season of “Property Brothers at Home,” Drew and Jonathan gave their own Las Vegas kitchen all-brown cabinets. They even paired these cabinets with matching brown countertops.

However, in recent years, they’ve started ditching this monochromatic style for two-tone cabinets and countertops.

“Two-tone countertops are a great feature in a kitchen,” explains Drew in an episode from “Property Brothers: Forever Home” Season 3. “For this to work, you’ll need a space that has two separate counter areas, such as an island and a perimeter top. I like to use the more modest selection for color on the perimeter, and then keep the showstopper for the island.”

And you don’t even need an island to complete this look. The brothers also design kitchens with two-tone upper and lower cabinets. It brings some variety to kitchens and provides an opportunity to use a fun splash of color in measured doses.

2. The Property Brothers’ old style: Wood shelves

The wood shelves in the corner give a rustic look in the “Property Brothers at Home” episode “The Ranch Hand Cabin.”


The new: Brass shelves

These brass shelves have much more bling in the “Property Brothers: Forever Home” Season 5 episode “A Bit of Vegas Glam.”


Drew and Jonathan love making kitchens look bigger by replacing cabinetry with open shelves. And while they used to always use rustic wood shelves to complete a kitchen, they’ve recently started experimenting with other materials, like brass.

In a “Property Brothers: Forever Home” Season 5 episode, the brothers expand the kitchen all the way to the back wall by adding some cabinetry and brass shelves that suspend from the ceiling.

“Keep in mind, too, this is going to be a statement kitchen,” Jonathan tells Drew when planning the space.

The brass looks elegant, and it even matches the hardware. This glam look is so fabulous it might just make homeowners forget about the brothers’ old wood style.

3. The Property Brothers’ old style: Large dining table with lots of chairs

Drew’s “Brother vs. Brother” Season 3 kitchen was a hot look—in 2015.


The new: Breakfast nook with built-in banquette

The brothers now love making seating at a built-in banquette.


The brothers have always been interested in creating lots of seating for family meals, so they’d often include a large dining table with plenty of chairs near the kitchen. However, in recent years, they’ve ditched traditional tables and started going for smaller, cozier breakfast nooks with built-in banquettes instead. It saves space, and the banquette seating can provide some much-needed storage.

They do exactly this in one “Celebrity IOU” Season 2 episode where they create a built-in banquette for Zooey Deschanel‘s best friend.

“It’ll provide a cozy spot for cherished family meals as well as an additional play area for the kids with even more storage for games and toys below,” Jonathan says.

4.The Property Brothers’ old style: Tall, open ceilings

living room
Jonathan’s living room in Season 3 of “Brother vs. Brother” had a tall, open ceiling.


The new: Faux beams

These beams make the room look larger.


Drew and Jonathan used to love creating large spaces for their clients with tall, open ceilings. But these days, they focus less on creating those airy spaces and more on adding faux beams.

While beams do create slightly less height in a room, the brothers know that they can also add dimension (and some serious wow factor) to a space.

In one “Brother vs. Brother” Season 7 episode, Jonathan installs stunning faux beams in the master bedroom, which complement the ones he used in the kitchen and living room. Of course, the guest judge for the challenge, Jasmine Roth, loves the look.

“I would love to wake up and see this every single morning,” she says.

5. The Property Brothers’ old style: Bright colors

living room
In 2016, Jonathan designed this colorful room for Season 4 of “Brother vs. Brother.”


The new: Muted tones

living room
This living room from Season 5 of “Property Brothers: Forever Home” is more muted.


The brothers have been known to use a mix of daring colors, such as blues, purples, and even greens—like in Jonathan’s Season 4 “Brother vs. Brother” house. However, their more recent renovations are all about muted tones and simpler designs.

In the “Property Brothers: Forever Home” Season 5 episode “A Musical Forever Home,” the brothers create a stunning living room with light wood tones, lots of whites, and hints of gray.

When the home is finished, one of the homeowners, Holly, loves how open the space feels.

“It’s always been a big living space, but this feels huge,” she says.

The simple style and softer colors make this space feel bright and open, making it a good alternative to the bold, often overwhelming colors the brothers used to use.

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